About Us

If you ask any member of my family, they would say I've always been a creative person from a very young age. My mother taught me how to sew when I was 16 and I used to watch, learn and help when she made various things, such as curtains for my bedroom or even my prom dress! From the ages of 18 to 21, I focused on my creativity and went to university to study Fine Art.
After graduating in 2014, I was unsure which career route to take and decided to set up my own small business alongside a part-time job in marketing. I had always been interested in interior design and homeware, so I bought some fabric, brushed up my sewing skills, and learned how to make cushions from scratch.
I kept the business as a 'side hustle' for many years and thoroughly enjoyed every minute, selling at events, and local markets at weekends around my full-time job.
In 2019, I finally took the plunge and gave up my career in marketing to pursue the INSPIREEZ full-time! I've focused on growing the company over the past couple of years and I have now moved from working in a house to renting an amazing studio space Since moving the studio in 2021, the business has now grown to a team of three.
I love searching for fabrics and creating designs to make people's homes flourish and feel extra special. All cushions are individually handmade with great.
INSPIREEZ strives to provide special handmade products and top customer service. From the fabric cutting table to the packaging, we ensure care and quality are maintained throughout.

If you have any questions, please feel free to email us: